Monday, April 25, 2011

Editor's Welcome

With this post, a new voyage begins.  One whose mission is to provide analysis and insight (read: pithy banter and pictures of questionable prudence) into Michigan football with all of the hallmarks of an aging bladder:  frequency, consistency, and maybe only a fraction of the discomfort.

As a confessed information addict I do not want to corral fellow junkies away from trusted suppliers, rather to entice them with a new syringe full of mixed metaphors, debatable grammar and Michigan football.

And so this site plunges in an imminently aimless fashion into overcrowded waters saturated with transitory fact peddlers and city-sized information barges, relying upon the constitution of a rickety and crewless vessel operated by a helmsman known only by a vague and befitting moniker.

Please enjoy yourself.


  1. Pictures of questionable prudence and debatable grammar is correct... but I kind of like it that way.

  2. @ amphibious1: I'll consider that one mission accomplished. Thank you.