Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Happened With Wayne Morgan?

Wayne Morgan is a highly coveted, four star defensive back from Brooklyn who fell in love with Michigan.  Today was to mark the announcement of his long-anticipated commitment to the Wolverines.  That announcement never came.

What really happened?

  • Fact #1:  On or about May 23, 2011, Morgan announced that the date of his official decision would be June 1, 2011.  It is widely-believed that Michigan was his first choice.
  • Fact #2:  One week later, on or about May 29th, Morgan moves the decision back a day from June 1st to June 2nd.
  • Fact #3:  That same day (May 29th), defensive back Anthony Standifer schedules an impromptu Michigan visit for June 1st.
  • Fact #4:  On June 1st, Anthony Standifer commits to the Wolverines as a defensive back.
  • Fact #5:  On June 2nd, Wayne Morgan announces an indefinite delay of his decision.

Disclaimer:  I have no inside information, and the conclusions drawn may very well be inaccurate.  Based upon the facts above however, the most likely scenario may unfortunately be the one that follows.

It appears likely that Wayne Morgan decided to attend the University of Michigan on or before May 23rd.  He would have notified the coaches immediately and scheduled a public announcement to occur shortly thereafter.  In this case, that announcement was scheduled for June 1st.  

While the Michigan coaches would be happy to accept a commitment from Morgan, they had also become enamored with fellow class of 2012 defensive back Anthony Standifer.  Since the coaching staff arrived earlier this year, a figurative mountain of circumstantial evidence suggests their propensity for using the commitment or impending commitment of one player to incite additional commitments at the same position from other players.*  In other words, the coaches engage in the age-old tactic perfected by salesmen everywhere that posits the following:  if you don't buy this thing now/book your trip today/commit to Michigan immediately, your opportunity will be forever lost.

It seems more than plausible that during the week between May 23rd and May 29th, the Michigan coaches contacted Standifer to advise him that his spot on the roster would evaporate on June 1st (the day of Morgan's announcement) unless he acts promptly and commits beforehand.  Standifer thereafter scheduled an emergency visit to Ann Arbor for June 1st.  Based on the timing of Standifer's visit, the coaches may have asked Morgan to delay his decision until the following day.

Standifer surprised almost everybody by pledging to the Wolverines well earlier than even his own timeline had suggested by committing on June 1st.  

Immediately following Standifer's commitment, and the very day Morgan was set to announce his decision, Morgan instead postponed his decision indefinitely.  He also announced that he would be taking visits to several other schools.

While Michigan may yet take another defensive back in this class, the circumstances of the last week raise some questions as to the strength of Michigan's interest in Morgan.

If Morgan is not a Wolverine when all is said and done, it may not have been by his own volition.

*For reasons too lengthly to discuss here, this has become popular belief for good reason.  Suffice it to say that in an uncanny new tradition, the commitment of one linebacker, defensive end, or offensive lineman has invariably been followed immediately by a commitment another player at the same position.

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