Monday, May 16, 2011

In Godin We Trust

Matt Godin is probably bigger than you.  At 6'5, 267 pounds, he can play either the defensive tackle or the strongside defensive end position.  

Despite his imposing physical measurements, Godin's film exposes a few weaknesses.  

He has a tendency to play high (even if this did help him leap over the helmet of at least one offensive guard last season it will hinder him against more disciplined competition), and he can have difficulty shedding blockers when his lateral quickness fails to deflect the initial impact, leaving him vulnerable to single-blocks at the next level.

Godin has plenty of strengths, including...well, strength.  He shows above-average instincts and awareness of the game, and doesn't relent on the play.  In many ways, he is reminiscent of three-year starter Ryan Van Bergen.  Or at least Ryan Van Bergen's slightly less athletic younger brother.  

"X" always stands for either x-treme
or treasure, and Godin isn't a loot piñata.

As with Van Bergen, Godin is suited for the 5-tech defensive end/tackle hybrid position, but he also has the frame to carry the additional 30-35 pounds that serve as a rudimentary prerequisite for interior, 3-tech defensive tackles in Mattison's 4-3 under.

With limited roster slots in this year's recruiting class, heavy needs at several key positions, and strong interest from top players across the nation, Michigan can afford to be particularly selective with defensive line recruits.
In this context, defensive line gurus Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison couldn't pass up the opportunity to have Godin join the Wolverines next fall.  He will take time to develop, but already he has acquired a vote of confidence from some of the best in the business at his projected position.

Until then, it is in Godin--and the coaching staff who selected him--that we trust.

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