Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pharaoh Mounta' Defensive Recruits

Pharaoh Brown, Ruler of the Defensive Line and parts of Thebes.

For Pharaoh Brown, I tried to dig deep for the worst pun ever conjured by a native English speaker.  I think mission pretty much accomplished.  For the record, it narrowly beat out a bottle of Greg Mattison's patented Pharaohmones.

Pharaoh Brown does his best J.J. Barea impression.
Unlike the swat that caused Bynum's ejection against
the Mavericks on Sunday, no foul was called on #40.
Brown is a two-way athlete for Brush High School in Ohio, playing both basketball and football for the Arcs.*  As a basketball player, Brown occasionally led the team in scoring despite playing alongside excellent talent in Curtis Oakley Jr., nephew of former NBA star Charles Oakley.  Brown was particularly effective when he was not the face end of a two party face palm (pictured).

In football, Pharaoh has played a peculiar trio of quarterback, tight end and defensive end.  Michigan has recruited him for the defensive end position, so he can be expected to add nearly forty pounds to his 220 pound stature before taking the field.  Unlike the other defensive end picked up by the Wolverines last week, Brown has a long frame that can carry additional mass with ease.

As with most quarterbacks-turned-something-else, Brown will need time to fine-tune his new position.   Like Ojemudia, he is a defensive lineman selected early in the recruiting process by a coaching staff that specializes in the defensive line:  he should be very good.  With his raw physical gifts, Brown has a higher ceiling than recent commits at the position, but I expect it to take at least two years for the final product to begin to take shape.

Assuming Pharaoh remains dedicated in the weight room and on the defensive side of the ball, there may be more than a few plagues unleashed on Big Ten quarterbacks by 2014.

*Brush High School's official mascot is "Arcy the Arc Lamp."  Seriously.

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