Monday, May 9, 2011

Super Mario 2

Mario Ojemudia committed to Michigan on
May 7, 2011 to play on the defensive line
and possibly to thwart King Koopa.
Mario Ojemudia is a lightning-quick defensive end and one of the best in the nation to play his position.  Had he committed to any other program, he might have been dubbed "Super Mario."

"Super" Mario Manningham
Ability to fly confirmed.
Unfortunately for Ojemudia, star wide receiver and current New York Giant Mario Manningham claimed that title for the Wolverines years ago; fortunately for Ojemudia, Super Mario 2 proved to be a far more dynamic experience than its least until you invested countless and irreplaceable hours of your childhood attempting to reach an end ruined by the regrettable discovery that the entire paper-thin plot was no more than Mario's stupid dream.  I blame you, Japan.

Super Mario 2, Mario Ojemudia
Ability to fly presumed.
Unlike the storyline to the successor title of the acclaimed video game, there are actual reasons to believe that the surmounting hype and high praise surrounding the 6'2'' version of Super Mario 2 is something more than a fleeting, transparent, worthless figment of the imagination.

On film, Mario looks absolutely devastating to offensive lines.  For what it's worth, he also looks rail-thin, like a Davion Rogers who has eaten a hamburger in his life.  Although he will inevitably sacrifice some speed for an additional 20-30 pounds of mass at the next level, he is explosive enough to remain productive and overcome some of the limitations of his smaller frame.

Despite questions about his size and eventual position, there is one nearly-universal truth supporting Ojemudia:  recruits taken nine months before national signing day are hand-selected from coaches' early wish lists.  If there is one thing Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison have learned from more than three collective decades coaching the defensive line, it's how to evaluate a defensive end.

Make no mistake, Super Mario 2 is no dream.

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